MC Michael Yano

MC Michael YanoMichael has Japanese father but Ghanaian mother and born in Ghana.
He spent several years in Ghana since he was born in there and moved to Japan when he was eight. He was a quiet boy but he showed outstanding ability whenever he plays football and music.
He became professional football player of J league club, Vissel Kobe when he was only 18 and spent several years as professional athlete. He retired his career as football player when he was 25 because of kidney problem and he decide to work in music scene as a Hip Hop singer,MC.
He has released several songs until now including, supporting song of Yokoham Baysatrs, Japanese professional baseball team and tribute song for Shunsuke Nakamura, one of the greatest Japanese football players.
He joined ARTFOOTBALL 2007 which was held in Sochi, Russia as a Japanese team player and showed talented performance not only on the stage but also on the pitch.