MC Shayon

MC ShayonMC Shayon is considered to be the best Russian club mc for already 5 years. He started as a classic poet, took part in poetry contests, has been a prize-winner of a prestigious Moscow award in the nomination “Civic lyrics”. But unfortunately the classic forms of poetry couldn’t find a way to the big audience, so he tried to fulfill himself in the rap music direction, which was gaining popularity at that time. 8 years ago he started to collaborate with one of the most famous rappers in Russia – N’Pans. Street concerts, TV and photo shoots and fashionable r’n’b parties – it all carried the young man away. Though not only the atmosphere of fun and parties found its place in the texts of his songs, but also the social matter and agenda. Soon he became the initiator and the participant of the social advertising series of spots, which was shot with the assistance of the young celebrities and was aimed against the spread of AIDS in the young people’s environment. His studies in the advertising branch of the journalism department at the best Russian university (MGU) helped him to apply his mc and poetry talents in advertising itself. His songs were bought by NOKIA for their commercial of a new gadget “FunShell” and by HP company for the promotion on the territory of Russia of HP ENVY 14 Beasts Edition laptop and Beast Audio headphones (designed by the greatest American sound-producer Dr.Dre).

Having overstepped the narrow frames of r’n’b, Shayon is now actively working in such styles as House, Dirty Dutch, Techno. He’s got a multitude of records with the best Russian Djs, including the most popular – Dj Smash. The joint track of Dj Noiz and MC Shayon “Summer Stuff” became a part of the summer compilation 2010 from the famous music label Ministry of Sound. He’s made a guest appearance at the parties of no less popular label Hed Kandi, performing with such world-known artists, as Dj Funkerman, MJ Cole, Dj Dubfire, Dj Joey Negro и Dj Misha Daniels. Currently Shayon, as an mc, is the resident of the top Moscow clubs, easily improvising in different styles, in a team with a Dj, rising people’s spirits along with the degree of the party! His ultrafashionable status has more than once been confirmed by the VIP Live reportages from the high-society parties on the World Fashion channel. Very soon two of his videos will appear on the screens of the music channels, an extremely hot striking video “SeXy-SeXy” for his joint song with another popular artist Mikhail Grebenshakov and an ardent dance blockbuster “Fiesta” from the project Fine Touch Djs! At the same time Shayon goes on with his tours across Russia and the countries of CIS, proving to be the most called-for club mc of the whole so-called after-soviet space!