ShenYueWith Years of experience on the stage, Shen Yue has been in the center of the development of electronic scene in China. Whether it is the beginning of the participant, or now the agitator, for electronic music, he has his own unique interpretation and dedication. in his set, both the interesting little melody and the strong BassLine can impact the pulse of party animals.

The band formed in 1998 called “Anarchy Boy” and served as lead singer, the same year, released an album “boring army ” and launched a nation tour which was very important in the history of chinese rock music. 1998-1999 in Germany, France and other places the band has published more compilations, and in 2002 the album “OI The Sound From Teenage” was released in Japan.

in 2003, formed the band “1979″ and served as lead singer and creative, attended recording of the complication “Who is Cui Jian”in the same year,With love for electronic music and dedication, Shen Yue chose electronic music as a platform to continue his musical journey.

in 2006 established the brand “PM Pres.”, and began to set up electronic Parties.

in 2007 became the resident DJ in club tango under the name of PM Pres.

In 2008, joined S.O.S,spanish electronic music brand “Science of Sounds”

in 2009 runner-up of the Pioneer DJ Competition , and the first place of the professional evaluation.

In 2010 he created a new electronic music brand named Wasabi Sound.

Involved in large-scale activities


798 INTRO International Electronic Music Festival Beijing
Modern Music Festival Day2 electronic stage
Strawberry Music Festival Day2 electronic stage
Dubfire Asian tour Beijing Station
Science of Sounds  – Sistema
Science of Sounds – Todd Bodine
Science of Sounds – Dave DK
Science of Sounds  – Mihai Popovicu
Science of Sounds  – Dosem
Science of Sounds  – Jonas Kopp
Science of Sounds  – Patrick Zigon
Jue Sounds- Busy P


798 INTRO International Electronic Music Festival Beijing
Strawberry Music Festival electronic stage Day1
YEN – Marco Bailey
YEN – Oscar Mulero
BaiCai – Danton Eeprom
BaiCai – D’Julz


Midi Music Festival electronic stage Day1
BaiCai cabbage – Luciano
BaiCai cabbage – Anthony Collins
BaiCai cabbage – Phil Weeks
BaiCai cabbage – Guido Schneider
BaiCai cabbage – Loco Dice


BaiCai cabbage – Kiki
BaiCai cabbage – Frank Martiniq
BaiCai cabbage – Paul Rich
BaiCai cabbage – Toni Rios
Terminal – Ken Ishii
BedRock – Austin Leeds

Brand activities

“Universal Music”Fergie – London Brige album release party in China

“Universal Music”Rihanna – Good Girls Gone Bad release party in China

“Universal Music”Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape release party in China

“Ray-Ban2009″ Club Master ” conference

“Marlboro “2008 series of activities in Beijing

“Black Lable “2008 series of activities in Beijing

“Chivas “2007 series of activities in Tianjin

“Kappa” 2008 Annual Celebration Reception in China

“X405-Factroy” brand conference

Zhou Xun signing press conference Huayi Brothers

live music producer of the conference of ZHANGHI’s spring/summer collection 2010

2011 FireFox4 China launch party